... that I may know Him

- Philippians  3:10

our mission

Our Mission here is to usher in:
  • Spiritual Renewal -  that God will restore your heart and life spiritually. 

  • Corporate Worship -  that you can experience the presence of God as the church  celebrates Jesus Christ. 

  • Personal Fulfillment -  that each person will find their spiritual gifting and place to make a contribution in the kingdom of God

  • Family Empowerment -  that every family be empowered to fulfill God's purpose as a microcosm of society. 

  • Community Transformation -  that Northside Worship Center applaud what God is doing in and through other churches in this community, and in the spirit of unity see this valley transformed for Christ

  • World Evangelism -  that no limits be placed on the influence of the gospel through Northside Worship Center and that the world be impacted by our passion to share Christ.