Our Mission

Our Purpose

Six Purposes

  • Spiritual Renewal   that God will restore your heart and life spiritually. 
  • Corporate Worship   that you can experience the presence of God as the church  celebrates Jesus Christ. 
  • Personal Fulfillment   that each person will find their spiritual gifting and place to make a contribution in the kingdom of God
  • Family Empowerment   that every family be empowered to fulfill God's purpose as a microcosm of society. 
  • Community Transformation   that Northside Worship Center applaud what God is doing in and through other churches in this community, and in the spirit of unity see this valley transformed for Christ
  • World Evangelism   that no limits be placed on the influence of the gospel through Northside Worship Center and that the world be impacted by our passion to share Christ.

NSWC *A Grace-Driven Church